Cassandra Training in Chennai

Why restrain to college placements when you can avail more from external training

Education provided to the students during their undergraduate years is often inadequate and not quite enough for acing them in the professional sphere of Information Technology.  Hence it is in the hands of these students to learn these additional prerequisites that can open up diverse paths in terms of job hunt in the big leagues.

In the contemporary, Apache Spark has almost replaced MapReduce for processing and analyzing big data. The main reason for this supersede can be attributed to the wide adaptability of the engine in processing data by accessing wide data sources such as Hadoop data, Cassandra and MongoDB. Cassandra in particular is an open source NoSQL distributed Database Management system that can operate without break points and a fine tuning. It was originally developed at Facebook and now because of its reliability, many companies are adopting Cassandra for managing their websites.

Under these circumstances, Cassandra training in Chennai offered by SparkHadoop is a lucrative opportunity for persons looking forward to familiarize themselves with Cassandra. With this NoSQL variant being at the vanguard of innovation, several companies have adopted Cassandra with world’s largest website running over Cassandra.

In this center, the training on Cassandra is provided by such individuals who have firsthand experience in handling such database management system in their MNC companies such as TCS, CTS and Datadotz. The course completion certificate at the end of the training module can elevate your job acquiring potential in the IT sector to a whole new level.


Course content for NoSql Apache Cassandra

Apache Cassandra is an open source distributed database management system designed to handle large amounts of data across many commodity servers, providing high availability with no single point of failure.


Cassandra Core Concepts 

Introduction – Installation of Single Node Cassandra -KeySpaces – CQL – using cqlSh and its commands – CQL Data Types – CRUD Operations – TTL – Counters – Indexes – LightWeight Transactions – Collections (List, Set, Map) – comments – Compound Primary Key – Composite Partition Key – Prepared Statements – triggers – Tunable Consistency (Write, Read) – Java Drivers

Cassandra Architecture

Gossip (InterNode Communication) – Failure Detection and recovery – Data replication – Partitioners (MurMur3, Random, ByteOrdered) – Snitches (Simple, Ec2, PropertyFile) – Read Path – write Path(Insert, Update, Delete) – Hinted HandOff

Cassandra Administration

Configuration – Token Generation – Data Caching – Compaction – Compression – BackUp and Restore (SnapShots) – Introduction to Security – Cassandra Tools (nodetool, Cassandra-stress, Cassandra bulk loader) – DevCenter – MultiNode Cassandra Cluster (Lab) – Adding and Removing a Node – Deployment Models.