About us

About Company:

With our constant growth in the Big Data Technologies, we at Company, take the e-learning to the next level by providing best courses with excellent domain expertise at affordable price, which can get you equipped with infinite skills and expand your career.


About Team:

We are a small team of vibrant professionals who want to learn, share and contribute with other people of similar interests in Big Data Technologies. Our team includes free lancers working with the companies including  Cognizant, HCL, DataDotz and more.


Why Us?

Big Data has brought revolution in the way on how large sectors store and obtain data. With the Big Data databases, large enterprises can certainly save huge money and build up revenue, in addition to achieving many business objectivesCompany, with the focus of helping our partners achieve their business goals, solves all problems involved to increase your business values tremendously and at the same time to share the valuable knowledge with the guys of equivalent interests in the Big Data technologies

Our Team